Why Use Mediation Over Traditional Divorce?

Some divorce cases are so simple that no assistance is required.

Others are so complicated that the parties really need their own individual lawyer to assist them.

They are many cases somewhere in the middle.

Couple in MediationThose are cases which have some issues which are not so complicated to require individual lawyers. Ideally, these are cases where the parties want to be on civil terms with each other after the divorce and not spend all their money on lawyers. However, some guidance on certain issues and assistance with the legal documents would be helpful.

It is that middle type of cases for which pro se (“by oneself”) mediation is designed. A trained, experienced family law attorney will advise them as to the law and legal process. In a full service mediation, he will endeavor to help the parties reach compromises which are in each of their best interests and complete all the necessary paperwork properly and timely.

While there is a cost for mediation, it is generally significantly less than individual attorneys. Most importantly, the cost may be the best money you ever paid.

Of course, mediation is not the answer for every case. If there are significant issues of family violence, substance abuse or mental illness, it is less likely to be successful. However, for cases where the parties want to resolve their issues with a minimum of bad feelings and cost, it is often the perfect solution.

How Herman Mediation Services Can Help

At Herman Mediation Services we identify problems our clients might not see, and recommend a mutually beneficial means of resolving them. Plus, our flat-fee pricing makes the process more affordable than going through the expensive and, often times, painful process of traditional divorce.

In addition, we also:

  • Insure that all paperwork is completely and accurately completed;
  • Recommend solutions based on the interests of both parties;
  • Protect children (both minor children and adults) from being caught in the conflict between their parents;
  • Move your case forward in a prompt, efficient manner.

Free Initial Consultation

Herman Mediation Services offers a free 30 minute consultation with both parties to discuss the options, process and costs.

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