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Atty. Gregg Herman | Mediation Milwaukee

Atty. Gregg Herman

Gregg Herman joined Loeb & Herman, S.C. in 1984 after serving seven years as an Assistant District Attorney in Milwaukee County. Since that time, Attorney Herman has tried to resolve cases peacefully.

He is a board certified specialist in Family Law Trial Advocacy by the National Board of Trial Advocacy and, among other activities, has served as the head of the Family Law Section for the State Bar of Wisconsin, the American Bar Association and the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers as well as President of the Milwaukee Bar Association.

Focused on helping parties reach amicable solutions for settlement, Attorney Herman was founder of both the Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin and the Divorce Cooperation Institute and served as the first chair of both organizations.


Gregg is the author of the only book published by the American Bar Association Family Law Section about divorce settlement negotiations, entitled Settlement Negotiation Techniques in Family Law: A Guide to Improved Tactics and Resolution. He is certified in Divorce and Family Mediation by the University of Wisconsin Division of Continuing Education.


Gregg’s philosophy of practicing family law is exemplified in the following quote from Mohandas Gandhi:


“My joy was boundless. I discovered the true purpose of the practice of law. The truth was so etched in me that I spent a large part of the time during my twenty years in the practice of law bringing about the private resolution of disputes. I lost nothing thereby, not even money, certainly not my soul.”

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