Mediation Services & Fees

Couple in Mediation

No Attorney Involvement

Herman Mediation Services practices a style of mediation known as “evaluative mediation,” which means that Atty. Herman will express his opinions on the positions of the parties, and, if necessary, facilitate bringing the parties closer to an agreement.

With this option, no attorneys are directly involved in the mediation process, and Atty Herman assists the parties in, not only in reaching a settlement, but in drafting and executing the necessary documents.

Mediation Involving Attorneys

When attorneys are involved in the mediation, Atty. Gregg Herman will work with them and their clients to formulate a settlement agreeable to all.

This type of mediation typically involves “shuttle diplomacy”, meaning that the parties and their attorneys will be separated from the other side and Atty. Herman will go back-and-forth as necessary.


Free Initial Consultation

Herman Mediation Services offers a free 30 minute consultation with both parties to discuss the options, process and costs.

Fee Structure


In certain cases, Herman Mediation Services offers a flat fee billing system where one fee, agreed upon in advance, will cover all agreed-upon procedures.

Hourly Rate

Costs vary depending on the nature of each case. Herman Mediation Services hourly rates range from $250 to $500 per hour.

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