The Divorce Mediation Process

Divorce Mediation Process


Step 1: Client Intake

HMS does conflicts check & quick screening.

Step 2: FREE 30 Minute Consultation

Meet with Attorney Herman for a free one-half hour consultation to discuss options, process and costs. Options include mediation of just certain issues or full-service mediation.

Costs can be hourly, but HMS offers a flat fee service where one fee covers all services.

Step 3: Mediation

If all agree, retain Attorney Herman as mediator. Meetings will be set up to discuss and negotiate issues.

If the parties agree on full service mediation, generally, the steps are as follows:

  • Complete and sign a Joint Petition for Divorce.
  • Cooperate with Attorney Herman to draft and file a joint financial disclosure statement.
  • Cooperate with Attorney Herman in his drafting and negotiating a complete divorce agreement. Depending on the case, this may entail:
    Joint meetings with the parties;
    Individual meetings with each of the parties, or
    A combination of individual and joint meetings/conversations.

Step 4: Finalization

For a full service mediation, Attorney Herman will draft all necessary documents and make sure that they are appropriately filed with the court.

Sometimes, depending on the nature of the case and scheduling, Attorney Herman may accompany the parties in court to ensure that the matter is properly handled and to resolve any complications or questions which may arise.

Please Note: This process may vary somewhat based upon the individual facts of each case, and the services needed by the parties.

Get a Free Initial Consultation!

Herman Mediation Services offers a free 30 minute consultation with both parties to discuss the options, process and costs.

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