What Are the Benefits of Mediation Over Divorce?

Cost Savings

Mediation is the most affordable way to obtain a divorce. By choosing mediation you will:

  • Have one mediator who serves both of you fairly.
  • Achieve settlement in less time and with less stress than with a litigated divorce.
  • Avoid the adversarial costs of subpoenas, depositions and interrogatories.
  • Attend a one-time court hearing, in which your written agreement will meet with the courts approval, avoiding multiple costly hearings and trials.
  • Resolve future issues in your settlement, such as responsibility for college costs and future adjustments to support, avoiding future litigation.

Other Benefits To Mediation

Studies show that mediation results in:

  • A fair divorce settlement for each person.
  • A mediation process which reduces anger, especially concerning the financial aspects of support for one party.
  • A reasonable custody discussion, in which parents are able to discuss what’s best for each child.
  • A result regarding the the marital residence which satisfies each party.
  • Significant financial and tax savings for each person.
  • Lower costs than an attorney-driven collaborative divorce.
  • A divorce settlement in less time than a litigated one.
  • Better parenting arrangements.
  • Improved relationships between a child and their parents.
  • A comprehensive support agreement that eliminates the need for future court proceedings.

Free Initial Consultation

Herman Mediation Services offers a free 30 minute consultation with both parties to discuss the options, process and costs.

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